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As summer approaches, many of you have expressed interest in programs that will allow for our students to remain active, both physically and mentally. While summer is a time for students to take a break from the rigor of their daily classes and structured schedule and have a chance to relax, we also want to provide them the opportunity to explore, learn, create and remain engaged! These classes also allow parents to set a structure and schedule for the day.

Chamlian provides many options which are both fun and enriching for our students. The Chamlian Summer Programs reinforce our passion of encouraging our students to take their learning skills from the classroom and apply them to sports, design thinking, technology, writing, and much more! We have set up various programs for our Chamlian students to choose from. 
Please access the Chamlian Summer Programs application forms below:
Please note that wearing a mask and upholding CDC guidelines must always be in effect. Should you or your child exhibit any symptoms, please refrain from attending campus. Parents should screen their children carefully for fever, cough, or any other symptoms prior to coming on to campus. When entering campus, the School will make every effort to minimize the risk of possible COVID-19 infection by implementing mitigation standards, however, we can in no way prevent the possible infection of Covid-19.
By signing up for any Chamlian Summer Program, you are automatically agreeing to the above terms as well as the Disclosure Information found below: