Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

Summer Reading

Please click on the attached letter to learn more about our summer reading program. In order to access the summer reading assignment for your child's grade level, please see the attached assignments below.

As indicated by recent STAR Reading Scores, our students are exhibiting a steady growth in their reading fluency and comprehension skills. The STAR Reading test is a computer-adapted test which is administered to our students 3 times a year, allowing us to check for growth in reading levels within a given year and over an extended period of time. The STAR reports will be sent home with the end-of-the-year report cards in mid-June.

It is important for students to continue to read during the summer, so that they build on the reading skills they have worked so hard to build throughout the year. With this in mind, all incoming 2nd-8th grade students will be required to read a book from a given list, and to provide a written response on the first day they return from summer vacation. For further details on the requirements of the program, including the list of books students may choose from, please download the Summer Reading Assignment details which will be made available on the bottom of this page soon.

Besides the required program, we encourage our students to continue reading for leisure during the summer!

To motivate your children to read more regularly, here are some tips and strategies you can use to incorporate reading and writing activities into your child’s daily routine:

  • Learn more about your child's interests and suggest books, magazines, and articles that relate to those topics.
  • Sometimes good movies are a starting point for pleasure reading — some children will be motivated to read a book if they know a movie about it will soon be released.
  • Sometimes travel sparks reading, and finding books that relate to a place you visit on a family vacation can get a child hooked.
  • Keep books and other reading materials at home.
  • Read books with your children! Children of any age can appreciate being read to.
  • Be a good role model — let your children see you reading
As always, we appreciate your continuous support and active involvement in your child’s education!