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Chamlian students have 2 class periods of P.E. each week.

Through a structured program with various games and sporting activities, the P.E. program encourages regular exercise, stretching, speed, coordination, teamwork, strength, and endurance. These activities include basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, flag football, track and field, jump rope, table tennis, T-Ball and simplified softball.

The school employs three P.E. coaches. Students in grades 1 and 2 have one coach, teaching co-ed classes. For students in grades 3-8, the school has a boys' P.E. coach and a girls' P.E. coach.

Students participate in the Physical Fitness Presidential Challange program that encourages an active and healthy lifestule. Every child receives a certificate for participation.Based on an age-appropriate criteria, students are also eligible to receive the National or Presidential Fitness Award based on their performance.
Chamlian Tigers

Chamlian has a comprehensive sports program conducted by the P.E. coaches, wtih assistance from Chamlian alumni. Students join these teams through Team Placement Evaluation period, and participate annually in the Homenetmen sponsored KAHAM games where they compete against other participating Armenian schools. Chamlian Tigers have a remarkable record of success during the KAHAM games.

After-School Sports Program

Chamlian also offers after school sports program designed specifically for students who are not part of the Chamlian Tiger teams. The program is open to all students and no tryouts are necessary.