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Years at Chamlian Armenian School: Since 2008

Dr. Ida Karayan, a licensed psychotherapist. She has worked both with Chamlian Armenian School and Tufenkian Armenian Pre-school for almost two decades. Her relationship with Tufenkian started in 1992, early on in the school's history when it was called St. Mary's as the Director. Dr. Karayan has also worked with severely mentally ill patients at Glendale Adventist and Las Encinas hospitals, served as council member for the City of Pasadena for over four years, and is or has been an active member in numerous organizations such as CASPS (California Association for Students in Public Schools), the ARS (Armenian Relief Society), and the Western Prelacy Educational Council and Board of Regents. Dr. Karayan has her own private psychotherapy practice of over 20 years in Glendale, teaches, and is a consultant for a number of private and public schools.