Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

Mr. Chinchinian's Calculus

Course Description

This course is designed for students who have completed Pre Calculus. Students will study the mathematics of change, velocities and accelerations, also the mathematics of tangent lines, slopes, areas, volumes, arc lengths, centroids, curvatures, and a variety of other concepts that have enabled scientists, engineers, and economists to model real-life situations. Although Pre calculus mathematics also deals with velocities, accelerations, tangent lines, slopes, and so on, here is a fundamental difference between Pre calculus mathematics and calculus. Pre calculus mathematics is more static, whereas calculus is more dynamic. Calculus is a “limit machine” that involves three stages. The first stage is Pre calculus mathematics, such as the slope of a line or the area of a rectangle. The second stage is the limit process, and the third stage is a new calculus formulation, such as a derivative or integral.