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Chamlian 2030 Strategic Plan

Chamlian 2020 Strategic Plan

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Focus Area 1.0: Academic Achievement

Student academic achievement is at the core of the Chamlian purpose.  We expect all students to demonstrate continued and improved academic achievement to emerge opportunity ready.  To that end we strive to create dynamic, high-quality instructional programs that facilitate life-long habits of intellectual inquiry.

Theme 1: Curriculum

  • Continuous examination and assessment of the curriculum’s rigor and relevance to maintain academic excellence.
  • Improve upon the existing writing curriculum in order to promote the enhancement of writing skills across all grade levels and subject areas.
  • Include real world financial literacy/life skills course.


Theme 2: Critical Thinking

  • Explore strategies to support students as they further develop critical thinking skills across the curriculum course.

Theme 3: Meeting Needs of All Students

  • Continue to identify avenues to provide differentiation and support student at all learning levels.

Theme 4: Instructional Technology

  • Broaden technology curriculum to continue to prepare students as 21st century learners.

Focus Area 2.0: Culture and Language Development

As an Armenian school we strive to provide an engaging Armenian language and cultural curriculum that strengthens our students’ ability to live their culture, be fluent in the Armenian language, pass on their heritage and contribute to their community.

Theme 1: Collaboration

  • Provide Armenian language teachers with more opportunities for collaboration and planning.

Theme 2: Materials/ Support

  • Create an online shared resource center for Armenian educators to collaborate and reuse lessons and learning materials.
  • Update Eastern Armenian textbooks initially prepared at Chamlian.

Theme 3: Relevant Use of Language

  • Create opportunities for oral and written Armenian language in everyday activities.
  • Strengthen the oral language component of the Armenian language program with measurable outcomes.


Theme 4: Instructional Strategies

  • Continue to revise the Armenian language curriculum to meet the needs of the 21st century learners.
  • Provide Armenian teachers with additional professional development to increase student engagement.


Theme 5: Support of Armenian Culture Outside of the Classroom

  • Continue to highlight Armenian culture through educational and enrichment activities.


Focus Area 3.0: Community Engagement

Our educational partners play a vital role in the Chamlian experience. We seek to connect and engage with our partners to establish a culture which encourages positive relationships among our students, staff, parents, and alumni, as well as the educational and business communities.

Theme 1: Parent Communication

  • Explore strategies to target parents who are not engaged in school activities to further include them in the life of school.
  • Establish Parent University to further equip parents with essential and relevant information to support their student’s education and socio-emotional development.

Theme 2: Community Communication

  • Continue efforts to form educational and community partnerships that support school and student advancement as well as contribute both locally and globally.

Theme 3: Student Communication

  • Explore new opportunities to strengthen student voice and feedback about school programs.

Theme 4: Alumni Communication

  • Formalize processes to further strengthen and engage alumni to create opportunities for mentorship, support, collaboration, and guidance.

Focus Area 4.0: Student Wellness and Safety

A safe and respectful environment is essential to student success.  At Chamlian we foster a culture that nurtures the emotional health, safety, and well-being of students, staff, and parents.

Theme 1: Social Media Support

  • Equip students with skills to manage social media exposure and appropriate use.


Theme 2: Student Behavior and Policies

  • Revisit behavior management procedures and consistent progressive discipline steps to encourage school-wide appropriate conduct.

Theme 3: Safety Procedures

  • Collaborate with the City of Glendale to further enhance traffic and pedestrian safety.
  • Provide training and practice of Emergency Action Plan to all students and staff to ensure familiarity of procedures and smooth execution.


Theme 4: Socio-emotional/Mental Health Support

  • Explore and adopt evidenced based school-wide social-emotional curriculum.

Focus Area 5.0: Financial Resources

A critical measure of Chamlian’s performance is the effectiveness with which it utilizes and generates resources. We ensure that all fiscal and capital resources maximize educational opportunities and ensure the school’s financial long-term future.

Theme 1: Energy Use and Management

  • Access and implement energy efficient programs and protocols.

Theme 2: Endowment

  • Investigate and establish sustainable endowment fund.
  • Examine re-occurring on-going long-term giving campaigns.

Theme 3: Enrollment Expansion

  • Explore options to accommodate additional students unable to enroll Chamlian due to limited space.