Chamlian Armenian School’s lunch program will be available for our students for the 2023-2024 academic year. The fee for the lunch is $8.50 which includes fresh, nutritious meals approved by the school’s Nutrition Committee. Fresh ingredients are delivered each morning, and lunches are prepared on site. Organic chicken and grass-fed beef, organic dairy, as well as select organic fruits and vegetables are used to ensure healthy, nutritious meals.  Students can also choose to bring lunch and snacks from home. Please note food cannot be heated at the school. Students need to have the necessary utensils for their snack/lunch.


Guidelines for Lunch Program:


  • Parents will receive the lunch menu monthly via email. The menu is also available on the school’s website under the Student tab.
  • Students will inform their homeroom teacher in the morning if they choose to eat lunch on that day and student lunch accounts will be charged accordingly.
  • If a student is going to arrive at school after homeroom time, their parent must to inform their homeroom teacher the day before if their child will purchase lunch from school. If the teacher has not been notified, the student’s parent should send lunch from home.
  • Students cannot change their mind regarding purchasing lunch after their homeroom period.
  • Parents need to add funds to the lunch account in order for the school to charge the account and for the student to receive lunch. To add funds to the lunch account please visit the school’s website under the Student tab. 
  • Parents may not deliver lunch or snack for their child at any time during school hours.
  • The school’s vending machine will also be available for students to purchase Nutrition Committee approved snacks.
  • The school’s filtered water fountains will be available for students to refill their water bottles.
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