Chamlian's Healthy Lunch Program
Our school lunch program offers our students delicious and nutritious meals for just $8.50 per day. We are committed to serving fresh meals that get the thumbs up from our Nutrition Committee. Expect meals crafted from fresh ingredients that arrive each morning and are prepared right on campus, including organic chicken, grass-fed beef, organic dairy products, and a selection of organic fruits and vegetables to ensure your child enjoys a healthy, balanced meal. Of course, students always have the option to bring their own lunches and snacks from home, keeping in mind that food heating facilities are not available at school. Please remember to pack the necessary utensils for your child's snack or lunch.
Lunch Program Guidelines:
Students must inform their homeroom teacher in the morning if they plan to purchase school lunch each day.
Decisions about buying lunch are final after homeroom period ends, so no last-minute changes, please.
Parents must ensure there are sufficient funds in student lunch accounts by adding money via the school's website under the "Lunch" tab.

To maintain the integrity of our lunch program and classroom environment, parents are asked not to deliver lunch or snacks to students during school hours.

Our vending machines, stocked with snacks approved by the Nutrition Committee, will be available for student purchases.

Stay hydrated! Students are encouraged to use the school’s filtered water fountains to refill their water bottles.
School Payment Portal: For convenience in managing your child's lunch account and making payments, please visit our School Payment Portal. This system ensures a seamless process for funding your child's lunch account, allowing them to enjoy healthy and delicious meals at school.