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While summer is a time for students to take a break from the rigor of their daily classes and structured schedule and have a chance to relax, we also want to provide them the opportunity to explore, learn, create and remain engaged! 

Summer at Chamlian is designed to give families the opportunity to build their children’s schedule based on interests and needs. 

Chamlian provides many options which are both fun and enriching for students. The Summer at Chamlian program reinforces our passion for students to take their learning skills from the classroom and apply them to sports, design thinking, technology, writing, and much more! We have set up various programs for our Chamlian students, as well as students in our community to choose from. Summer at Chamlian will be open to Chamlian students, as well as students from our community (please note: Ready, Set, Chamlian Camp is only for students registered for TK-1 for the 2022-2023 academic year).

Our comprehensive summer programs allow students to engage in a variety of different subjects and activities throughout their day.  Families can choose to enroll their child for one block, two blocks, or a full day.

Summer at Chamlian: A Comprehensive Summer Camp Experience

Chamlian Athletics Sports Camp: A camp for registered Chamlian students to explore various sports! This camp is hosted by the athletic department.

Details regarding 2023 Summer Programs will be available March 15, 2023.