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Chamlian Earns Highest Possible Accreditation Status Through 2026 By Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)!

Chamlian Armenian School is proud to announce that the exemplary standards of both a high caliber educational program as well as a modern and advanced campus has earned the highest possible accreditation time frame of six years from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). After a four day visit in early March, the visiting WASC committee was left in awe of our dynamic faculty and staff, our 21st century facilities, our eager young learners, and the power of our supportive parents; so much so that the customary mid-cycle second visit from the WASC committee, which would have taken place in three years, has been waived and has been deemed unnecessary due to Chamlian's already existing ability to articulate and implement an academic vision that demonstrably benefits students and ensures their preparation for higher education. Chamlian Armenian School continues to meet and exceed all expectations and we look forward to even more anticipated success. Congratulations to our Chamlian Family! 🐯💙#ChamlianArmenianSchool #WASC #FullyAccredited #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily #Innovation #Integrity #AcademicExcellence #ArmenianHeritage

Chamlian Unveils New Mural!

Our mural for the 2019-2020 academic year - and what a year it has been. We began our year with a bang, celebrating 45 years of leading, celebrating, and building. Little did we know, however, these verbs were transformative in nature; what it meant to lead, celebrate, and build took on a new meaning as we confronted a global pandemic towards the end of the year. To lead meant to take on the challenge of our Distance Learning Program, to display our adaptability and sheer resilience in coming up with new and innovative ways to meet the obstacles that came with COVID-19 and to overcome them without losing a single instructional day, to lead in every sense of the word as we navigated uncharted territory and came out stronger than ever. To celebrate meant identifying new skills and growth both within our students as well as our faculty and staff. During the inception of the year, we celebrated 45 years of continued academic excellence, innovation, integrity, and Armenian heritage. We celebrated the sacred mission of our founders for an Armenian school serving the largest community in the Armenian diaspora. As the year unfolded, a successfully smooth transition into our Distance Learning Program and the teamwork displayed by our students, faculty, staff, and parents became a cause for celebration. Now, as we look ahead into what the future holds, we do so with the full confidence that we will rise up and overcome any adversary and continue to build upon a solid foundation. We look forward to seeing how our students build into the future, equipped with all the tools, skills, and knowledge necessary as 21st century learners. #Chamlian #ChamlianArmenianSchool #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily #Mural #Lead #Celebrate #Build #45thAnniversary

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