Counseling Department

Chamlian Armenian School’s Counseling Department offers counseling to assist students, parents, and faculty to create a caring and supportive environment. Students are taught to be empathetic, confident, and proud of who they are. Our Counseling Department focuses on mindfulness practices, personal development, social skills, and a growth mindset.

Our counseling department looks forward to providing social and personal counseling via online platforms throughout the COVID-19 pandemic for all students to benefit from! Please feel free to reach out to our Counselor, Ms. Maral Keosseian, via email at [email protected]. The Chamlian Administration remains ready to serve our students!

The Counseling Department is available to help students through any emotional obstacles related to social-emotional needs, personal development, or relationship building. Group sessions are also held on an as needed basis.

The Counseling Department also works with qualified professionals for higher level of care, and invites speakers for assemblies with the students.

The Counseling Department which also includes the "Character Education" program teaches students strong values as well as positive social skills required to achieve optimal emotional growth to become productive members of the society. Character Education lessons are based on the current needs of the students.

Students may access the school counselor’s services by taking the initiative personally, or may be referred by teachers, the administration, or a parent. The school counselor works very closely with the students, parents, and teachers in order for the students to achieve social and personal success.

Strict confidentiality is maintained regarding students who seek the counselor’s services.

"Effective schools seek to develop and reinforce character traits, such as caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness, through a systematic approach that includes adult modeling, curriculum integration, a positive school climate, and access to comprehensive guidance and counseling services." Elementary Makes the Grade! (CDE, 1999)