Busing, Vanpool & Carpool


Our school is happy to announce that we will offer our busing system for the convenience of parents for drop off and pick up purposes! The price for busing per child is $175 per month. Please note that utilizing a bus system will help control traffic as well as ensure a more smooth operation during drop off and pick up. School buses are also the most preferred and frequently used transportation system of commute for students throughout the country, according to federal studies. The monthly fee for choosing to utilize a school bus may also be less than the cost of gasoline for driving a private vehicle. 

The bus service departs from St. Mary’s Armenian Apostolic church at 500 S. Central Ave. in Glendale every morning at 7:30am and arrives at Chamlian at 7:55am In the afternoon, the bus will leave the Lowell campus at 3:35pm and should arrive at the church by approximately 4:05pm. There will be adult supervision on the bus and at the church yard during these times.

This service is offered to all Chamlian students, however, due to the limited number of seats, only the first 70 applicants will be accepted. If you are interested in enrolling your child for bus services for the next academic year, please check back here at a further date to complete the Chamlian Bus Form and deliver it or e-mail it to [email protected].

The applications are always accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

We thank you in advance for your continued support and cooperation.


Our school is happy to announce that we have coordinated with a vanpool service for students residing in the Pasadena area with AATransportation.

Students who sign up for the vanpool service will be entering into an agreement with a third party company. The contract for the vanpool service will be between the Student/Family and AATransportation. At this time, the vanpool service can only accommodate 14 students. If we have a significantly higher number of interested families, we will look into contracting with another company that has a vehicle to accommodate a larger group of students.

The van will pick students up from Pasadena at 7:30am promptly. Parents must wait with their children to be picked up. The van will leave Chamlian around 3:30pm and will arrive back in Pasadena around 3:55pm. Parents are responsible to be at the meeting location in Pasadena promptly at that time to pick up their children. The cost for the Vanpool service is $300 payable to AATransportation. Once you sign up for the service you must commit to a minimum of 10 months.The applications are always accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

We thank you in advance for your continued support and cooperation.

In our continued commitment to reducing traffic congestion around our school and supporting environmental sustainability, we strongly encourage families to carpool. As an incentive, we offer a $40 discount on monthly tuition for every child who participates in a carpool. This ongoing initiative represents our dedication to easing peak-time traffic and promoting a sense of community and environmental responsibility. We hope you will consider joining the many families who are already making a positive impact through their carpooling efforts. To join our carpool program, please complete the Chamlian Carpool Form.