Parent Support Committee

Dear Parents,
On behalf of the Parent Support Committee (PSC), we would like to welcome your family to Chamlian Armenian School.
The Chamlian Armenian School Parent Support Committee consists of parents like you, whose unwavering commitment and dedication impact the overall success of our children. We invite you to join the PSC and become an active parent involved in many aspects of the school. Your input and help is essential for our overall success, for we are all indeed volunteers, working parents who dedicate. Now we extend our hand to you.
We look forward to transcending traditional avenues of fundraising, connecting in innovative ways, and working together to maintain excellence at Chamlian Armenian School. As a PSC member, you can look forward to workshops, events, and other creative ways to stay involved. These activities enhance students school experience and provide opportunities for parents to meet, exchange ideas, and cultivate new friendships along the way.
The Chamlian PSC meets every 2 weeks on campus at 9:00am.
Marine Kalachian
Parent Support Committee

2022-2023 PSC Executive Committee:

Marine Kalachian - Chairlady/Nutrition Committee Director
Annie Ovanessian - Vice Chairlady/PAC and Scrip Director
Narineh Bekmezian - Secretary/Liaison Coordinator
Natalie Kaypekian - Treasurer
Mania Hairapetian - PIP Director
Shireen Shirikchian - Student Store Director
Sarineh Ghazarian - Student Store Director

To contact a PSC Executive Committee member, please email [email protected]