Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

School Purpose & ESLRs

School Purpose


Chamlian Armenian School promotes academic excellence, preserves the Armenian heritage and develops students of high integrity in an innovative, safe learning environment.


Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLRs)


Students who graduate from Chamlian Armenian School will:
Strive for Academic Excellence
  • Become knowledgeable individuals with a strong academic foundation and real-world skills
  • Be able to read, comprehend and respond to information individually, with effective oral and written communication skills
  • Use higher level thinking skills to ask questions, interpret, analyze, and evaluate information
  • Gain experience to become problem solvers, creative thinkers and decision makers on the pathway to higher education and career readiness

Thrive as Productive Citizens
  • Become conscientious individuals with strong leadership skills who contribute to local and global communities as activists
  • Embrace diversity as responsible individuals with compassion and respect for others
  • Maintain a healthy and positive self-image
  • Exhibit responsible behavior in line with traditional Christian family values

Utilize Technology with Competence
  • Develop 21st century technical skills to compete in the global community
  • Become competent in locating, accessing, organizing, evaluating and applying information for a complex and technological world
  • Become empowered and well-rounded learners capable of efficiently and effectively using emerging digital technologies, while practicing safe, secure, and ethical computing
Become Responsible Life-Long Learners
  • Learn to effectively and constructively evaluate, reflect and apply what is learned
  • Develop strong organization, time management and study skills to succeed in higher education and beyond
  • Become self-directed learners, interested in learning as an opportunity for growth and exploration.
Embrace the Armenian Language and Culture
  • Develop competency in using the Armenian language in written and oral communication
  • Gain greater awareness of the unique aspects of the Armenian culture and history while preserving and promoting their Armenian heritage
  • Be active participants in the Armenian community as leaders and volunteers
  • Apply bilingual skills in the real world to have a more competitive edge in higher education and beyond