SCRIP Program

What Is It SCRIP?

SCRIP means "substitute money" that is given in the form of a certificate or card that can be redeemed like cash with participating retailers and service providers. Chamlian purchases gift cards & certificates to sell to Chamlian supporters to generate extra income for tuition assistance and other school programs. Depending on the partnering company, scrip can be purchased and used for a variety of everyday purchases from gas to electronics, home services, and groceries. For group fundraisers, groceries are often the targeted products, in part because of their wide appeal. Use SCRIP instead of money to cut tuition costs and support school programs without spending a penny more than you normally would!


How Do I Purchase SCRIP?
If you have never purchased SCRIP before, please download and complete the Scrip Program Registration & Release Forms and the SCRIP Order Form, and return it to school.

There are several PSC (Parent Support Committee) members who are assigned the task of taking SCRIP orders. They are in charge of placing the orders; giving students or parents (based on the decision on the release form) the orders and keeping track of the %'s that are credited to parents.

Orders can be dropped in the drop-off box (in the school office) before school any day and picked up after school on Thursdays. All purchases must be paid for when ordering Scrip. You may pay with cash or check. Please make checks payable to: St. Mary's Armenian School. Students need to sign for orders they pick up. No Scrip orders will be mailed out, they must be picked up. When Scrip is ordered, please allow 7 - 10 days to receive your order.

You may also mail your order to: Chamlian Armenian School
Attn: SCRIP Dept.
4444 Lowell Ave.
Glendale, CA 91214

If you can't wait for an order, please note that you may purchase in-stock SCRIP based on availability by contacting [email protected] . Additional order forms are available online.

Please note: The SCRIP Order Form changes periodically as stores are added/removed and discounts/denominations change.


How does Scrip Work?Groups buy scrip certificates/cards in bulk at a discounted rate either directly from the retailer or through a fundraising company (in most cases, from a fundraising company). The group buys the SCRIP at a set value, and then sells the SCRIP at an increased rate to their supporters; the sale rate may be below the average price of the redeemable product or service so that the supporter enjoys a discount, or the SCRIP may be sold at the same price and the benefit is fundraiser support only. Supporters who buy the SCRIP then use it like cash to pay for the designated purchase. SCRIP can be purchased for general sales of any item at one retailer, or it can be designated only for particular products and services.

What Are The Benefits of SCRIP?
SCRIP programs are beneficial because they are generally well-received as long as you have chosen your products wisely. Supporters welcome scrip (particularly if they enjoy a discount on purchases) because they can both support your group’s fundraising efforts and buy products and services they need anyway, and they don’t have to spend extra money to do so. SCRIP programs are potentially very profitable, too-your profits are only limited by your sales abilities.

Retailers and manufacturers benefit as well because they move their product while gaining good PR, supporting community programs, and expanding their customer base. In the end, a well-managed SCRIP fundraiser can be a big win all around.

Chamlian SCRIP Program:
In order to meet the increased cost of operating the school, Chamlian implemented a SCRIP program based on mandatory participation of all parents.

  • Parents will be asked to provide a deposit of $200 (per family) at the beginning of the year.
  • Parents will be credited a percentage of their SCRIP purchases against this deposit based on purchases throughout the year.
  • Credits beyond the $200 deposit will be allocated towards tuition.
  • Parents who opt not to participate in this program may do so my forfeiting their $200 deposit.


Do we get SCRIP for the $200 we just paid?
No, the $200 is a deposit towards credit to be earned through SCRIP purchases. This money is returned to you as tuition credit based on SCRIP purchases throughout the year. Credits continue even after the $200 is reached. 50% of all credits received by the school beyond the $200 is rebated to the parents. You may also sell SCRIP to friends and relatives to further increase the amount of credit you receive.

Example: If you Purchase:
Smart & Final Scrip for $100 your credit will be $3.00 (per order form)
Shell Gas $100 - $1.50
T.J Max/Marshalls $100 - $7.00
Macy\'s $100 - $10.00
Islands Restaurant $100 - $8.00

The credit accumulated toward tuition (based on this example) is $29.50

How are SCRIP tuition credits applied?
Tuition credit accumulates from purchases made between May 1 and April 30 each year.

For purchases made after April 30th, the credit will be applied to next year's tuition.

Credits are applied to the June tuition statements.


  • Be aware of expiration dates! Most gift cards have no expiration dates, but some do, and if so they will be noted on the card.
  • We have a variety of vendors such as Starbucks, Visa & Discover cards, Amazon, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc. with no Connection fees
  • SCRIP Office hours are Thursdays only!


Thank you for your support of Chamlian's SCRIP program!

To contact the SCRIP team, please send an e-mail to [email protected]