Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

Kind Campaign Visits Chamlian School!

Chamlian Armenian School, which has had a running theme of Kindness for years, prides itself in being a model school of good citizenship and encouragement. It was such a delight to see the values of kindness and positivity being upheld and reinforced in a school where these characteristics are regularly spoken about as well as instilled within the very fabric of the character building program that the Counseling center runs. 

Kind Campaign creators, Molly Thompson and Lauren Paul, who tour schools around the entire United States, chose Chamlian Armenian School for a visit, engaged the students with both visual presentations as well as hands on activities which allowed the students to collaborate and familiarize themselves with practicing active listening skills as well as social values that would promote kindness and healing among all. After speaking of the virtues of kindness, students were shown a documentary where Paul and Thompson had traveled the country, spoken to many students and adults in regards to the dangers and long lasting effects of bullying. The video was very truthful in the sense that it emphasized the importance of treating one another with kindness and outlined the shocking truth about bullying by informing viewers about the tremendous effect on individuals even years after the bullying occurred. Molly and Lauren introduced the "Kindness Pledge" activity to the girls through which the promise to continue upholding the practices of lifting one another up, of instilling positive influences within one another, and of promoting a general sense of unity became reinforced within their blossoming character. The students also wrote a “Kind Apology” to whomever they wanted to express their feelings to and apologize for their actions and/or words. This activity was very raw and honest; it gave the students the opportunity yo restore their relationship with the person they may have emotionally hurt whether intentionally or unintentionally.

We are thankful to both Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson for being a shining beacon in the quest to promote kindness throughout the world. They were glad to see that a Kindness Campaign as well as visual aids promoting kindness around Chamlian already in effect; Heres hoping for continued success to all in who work hard to make our world a little more kind.