Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

8th Grade Technology Steering Committee Juniors present to 7th Grade

The TSC Juniors led the presentation and shared their experiences to encourage the future 8th grade class to join the committee and discuss upcoming digital project ideas for next year.
The assembly concluded with next year's sign ups and a Q & A session. A special thank you to our TSC Junior team for inspiring upcoming 8th grade classes to engage in transformative digital learning experiences!
TSC Juniors Team:
Dro Ordubegian- President
Alique Kalachian- Vice President
Lar Tabakian- Co-Creative Assistant
Meghety Mikhaelian- Member
Ani Anmahouni- Member
Anita Oganessian- Member
Tatiana Minassian- Member
Katrina Minassian- Member
Grace Kesablak- Member
To access TSC Junior's website, please click on the link below and click on Visit my Site:
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