Giving Opportunities

Since its establishment, Chamlian Armenian School has been enriched and blessed by the philanthropy of supporters, parents and the community at large. All donations to Chamlian serve to advance the education and experience of the current and future generations of Chamlian students.
Chamlian Armenian School strives to remain as affordable as possible. As such, the tuition does not cover the full cost per student. School support committees, including the Parent Support Committee, Parent Athletic Committee, Dad’s Club, and other special groups work diligently to fundraise to cover the difference between the tuition and the cost per student. The school also relies on the support of generous benefactors, community members, parents, friends, matching programs, and grants to meet both annual operating expenses as well as pursuing new projects to advance the School.
There are many ways to give and donate to Chamlian. All gifts are tax deductible and make a difference in our students’ school experience and impact Chamlian overall success.
Below you can find various ways to donate. You can provide your tax deductible gift towards. If you have a special project you would like to contribute to or initiate, please contact the school office at [email protected] to connect to our Head of School to set up a meeting.
Gift of Giving

Cash Contributions – Unrestricted gifts of cash are the easiest way to support Chamlian’s mission. Gifts can be made as a one-time donation or may be paid in installments toward a pledge.

Matching Gifts – You may be able to double or even triple your gift to the school. Many employers will match gifts made by their current employees or retirees to non-profit organizations such as Chamlian Armenian School. Your company’s human resource department will be able to offer you more information regarding these types of gifts. They can also provide you with the necessary forms to easily increase your participation level at Chamlian Armenian School.

Gifts In-Kind – Some donors take the opportunity to give to the school by providing new tangible items such as office or athletic equipment, books or other items related to our educational programs. The school office can provide you with a list of items.

Multi-year Pledges or Major Gifts – Multi-year pledging enables a benefactor to make a larger and more significant commitment than a single cash donation. With the accord of the Administration and Board, donors making large contributions may complete their pledged amount over several years.