Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

New Kindergarten Classroom, Garden, and Playground Unveiling Ceremony

The classroom renovation process began with an existing class being completely renovated with a new ceiling, flooring, new interior furnishings, and a large sliding glass door leading to a hands-on outdoor classroom and garden. In addition, a mini amphitheater and picnic tables were added for the use of all primary grades along with a brand new 6-bay swing structure. Furthermore, two new basketball courts were added in the upper yard, called the Marzadasht and a new tennis/volleyball court is being constructed in the lower yard serving 3rd-8th grade students.
The unveiling ceremony on August 14 commenced with opening remarks by Chamlian’s Director of Facilities, Mr. Emil Tatevosian, who shared the design criteria considered and the process for completing all of the projects in the short 45-day construction period. The school thanked Mr. Emil Tatevosian, for his vision, hard work, and dedication to see all the projects to fruition.

Dr. Talin Kargodorian, school principal, also thanked all stakeholders for their continued support during the last four decades as Chamlian continued grow, thrive and reach new heights. The principal also invited his Emminence Archbishop Moushegh Mardirossian to provide his blessings as the new projects are unveiled. He congratulated the school and noted that the new improvements on campus, will positively impact student performance, parent satisfaction and help the school excel on its path of excellence. He also congratulated and thanked all the donors.
During the ceremony, the generous donors were honored with personalized gifts for their commitment. In the very near future, donor plaques (gears) will be installed in their respective locations to honor our donors; for the garden, Dr. & Mrs. Mourad & Flora Ookhtens; tennis/volleyball court, Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Lara Tchakmakjian; and the valued, loving anonymous donors for the outdoor classroom. The design and constructions teams were also commemorated which included Narduli Design Studio, Hatamian/ARC Construction Company, Hasratian Electrical Company, Mr. Kevork Manoukian, Mr. Berj Bedoian, Vicken Apelian from Apelinc, and Planet Works.

Concluding the event, the guests toured each new space and celebrated with a ribbon untying ceremony followed by a light reception.

Chamlian is proud of all the new additions available on their campus. The project’s purpose reinforces the school’s core values of Academic Excellence, Heritage, Integrity and Innovation to serve our student community and continue to enhance their academic experience. Ultimately, the aim is for students to feel a sense of pride of their second home, Chamlian Armenian School.