Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

Our 2nd Graders Field Trip to Tree People!

The 2nd Grade field trip to Tree People was a blast to say the least! On their Magical City Forest Eco-Tour, our students learned to appreciate nature and learned various ways to protect and preserve the environment. One of the many highlights of the trip was when they were given the opportunity to plant seeds which will hopefully grow in the future to become trees. It was a beautiful scene to watch our Chamlian Tigers so excited and so dedicated in helping the environment and engaging in activities that we are sure will create lifelong environmentalists. 

Not only did our students get a tour of the spectacular grounds and enjoyed the spectacular scenery, they were also able to learn basic skills when it came to dealing with nature. Our tour guides and hosts were all amazing and we cannot wait to see what kind of innovative environmentalists our 2nd Graders grow to be!