Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

First Grade Visits The California Science Center!

Our First Grade Investigators had an awesome time at the California Science Center! Our curious explorers observed the properties of air and harnessed its power using the Big Labs Wind Wall, Mega Tower, Bernoulli Table, Tennis Ball Launcher, and more! When organizing field trips such as this one, our dedicated faculty conducts necessary research to ensure that what their students will be engaging in throughout the field trip and the activities that come along with it will reinforce what they have been learning in the classroom. This being said, our tour guides were extra helpful in conducting mini experiments where students were able to obtain a visual demonstration as to the power of air and wind and how they both play a role in our every day lives.

Our students also ventured into the world of ecosystems and topped their day off with a visit to the Endeavor Space Shuttle Exhibit! Seeing their faces light up as they were told that the Endeavor Space Shuttle is a retired orbiter from NASA’s Space Shuttle Program and that it had been used for Space missions since the 1990’s!

Our First Graders had a blast, to say the least!