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My name is Tsoler Hamamjian. I am in the process of receiving my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I am very happy to be a part of this wonderful community and make this not only my job but also my passion. I enjoy being a part of students’ lives as they learn to make good choices about their health. I strongly believe it is important to support our youth with education and compassion so they may lead happy and

healthy lives.


Work Experience:

  • Karabetian Offices Customer Service Representative
  • Pure Balance Chiropractic Health Services
  • Adventist Hospital Internship Program and Volunteer Services
Certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED services



  • I love to learn new things about the human body therefore I continuously educate myself during my free time in order to be up to date with modern day medicine. 
  • Member of The Armenian Christian Youth Organization/ Burbank Chapter 
  • Member of The Armenian Youth Federation/ Հայ Երիտասարդաց Դաշնակցութիւն (AYF- ՀԵԴ): Treasurer and Social Committee Chairman of the “Nigol Touman” Chapter.
  • I am also involved in several committees within the Armenian Youth Federation and work closely with the Armenian Revolutionary Federation to establish ties with the Armenian Community in Pasadena and our Homeland.  


«Մարդ կայ աշխարհն շալակած տանում, մարդ կայ ելլելէ շալակն աշխարհի» - Պ. Սեւակ
“Love cannot remain by itself-it has no meaning. Love has to be put into action, and that action is service”. - Mother Theresa