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Distance Learning Program

In the event that a student should require a temporary distance learning academic plan, the following guidelines must be followed:
Students who must be absent for 5-10 (maximum) days of school due to illness may qualify to participate in our Distance Learning Program. Furthermore, students who must be absent for 5-10 days due to household exposure may also qualify to participate in the Distance Learning Program. Requests to participate must be submitted by utilizing the Distance Learning Request Form and students will be notified to begin participation no sooner than 24 hours after submitting the form. During distance learning, students may participate in their core-curricular classes (English, Writing, Math, Science, Social Studies, Armenian). Core-curricular teachers will contact the parents with the necessary information needed to sign into classes. Co-curricular classes (P.E., Music, Art, STEAM, Electives, class assemblies, etc) are not offered through distance learning. Should the student need to miss over 10 days of school, distance learning will no longer be offered, and parents must contact the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and further directions will be offered and accommodations will be made to support the student while absent from school.
Please note: our distance learning offerings are no longer designed to be a long term learning offering at Chamlian. It is a short term/temporary option designed to support students during a short term absence.