Welcome to Elementary School at Chamlian!


Chamlian’s rigorous K-6th grade elementary curriculum allows for learning experiences that fully engage our students while encouraging them to perform at their highest potential. The school has an ongoing commitment to using developmentally appropriate technology to support the curriculum. Through technology integration, we strive to make learning more relevant and prepare our students for the world in which they live in.


The curriculum and textbooks have been updated and are fully-aligned with the Common Core State Standards. They feature interactive technology support and online learning tools for the students, such as virtual labs and practice tools, as well as a wealth of teaching resources for the teachers.


Homework is a fundamental part of the learning process at Chamlian. We believe it helps to develop and reinforce basic academic and study skills, as well as to promote student responsibility and self-discipline.


We recognize that students bring unique learning styles to the classroom. Within the guidelines of our curriculum, we seek to teach children according to their needs and abilities by providing our students with a wide variety of learning opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom. Student learning is enhanced through field trips, educational assemblies, and presentations by guest speakers.


At Chamlian, assessment results form the basis of regular evaluation and improvement of the school's curricular and instructional programs. Teachers utilize a variety of formative and summative assessments in the classroom to evaluate students' progress towards mastering the California State Standards. School-wide assessments such as the Terra Nova Complete Battery test and the STAR Reading Test are also used to track academic growth and determine areas of improvement.


We are proud of our dedicated faculty and their commitment to nurturing the development of every student. Throughout the Elementary years at Chamlian, we encourage students to become life-long learners with strong critical thinking skills, while striving to provide them with a strong academic foundation that will lead to a successful transition into middle school and beyond.