Junior High

Welcome to Junior High at Chamlian.


During the Junior High years, Chamlian students build on their academic skills while learning to become more independent, responsible, and confident. The dedicated faculty is committed to preparing students to become life-long learners with strong critical thinking and problem solving skills.


The curriculum is well-rounded and allows for learning experiences that encourage students to reach their potential. Students are also encouraged to develop strong organizational and study skills, including note taking, time management, and test preparation.


Technology is used in every classroom to enhance learning. It is integrated into the curriculum for greater access to information and to create a more dynamic and engaging learning environment. Additionally, all textbooks are aligned with the Common Core State Standards featuring interactive technology support and online learning tools for students.


Teachers utilize a variety of formative and summative assessments in the classroom to evaluate students' progress towards mastering the grade level standards. School-wide assessments such as the Terra Nova Complete Battery test, the STAR Reading Test, and the UCLA MDTP (Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project) assessment, are also used to track academic growth and determine areas of improvement. Students receive quarterly report cards, which include a grade for academic performance, as well as a mark for citizenship and effort. Through our web-based online grading system (MMS) which is updated on a regular basis, parents are able to follow their child’s progress online.


Homework is an integral part of the Middle School program and averages two hours per night. Teachers strive to develop meaningful and relevant homework assignments that will help reinforce academic and study skills taught in the classroom.


Junior High students have many opportunities to challenge themselves and to participate in various extracurricular activities that extend learning beyond the classroom. Through participation in club activities, students also gain experience in leadership and community service, while learning to work together towards a common goal.


Communication between faculty, students and parents is of utmost importance. Aside from the yearly Parent-Teacher Conference which takes place in November, parents are encouraged to maintain contact with their child’s teachers throughout the year.


Through a challenging and supportive junior high experience, Chamlian’s staff and faculty are committed to preparing students for a smooth and successful transition into high school.