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The Social Studies curriculum is based on the following three content areas of knowledge and Cultural understanding, Democratice Understanding and Civic Values, Social Participation for Effective Citizenship.


While adhering to the California State Standards, the Social Studies curriculum encourages students to make relevant connections between the past and the present, to develop their ability to make prudent decisions, to be conscious and understanding of cultural differences, and to prepare them to become good citizens who can function in society as individuals and members of a larger group. To learn more about the standards, view the California Social Studies Standards online.


In line with the department's objectives, the school encourages students to participate in many extracurricular activities to enhance the study of the Social Studies themes. Activities include a three-day tour to Sacramento for our sixth grade students to visit the State Capital. The sixth and seventh grade students also participate in the People-to-People Leadership Program. In addition, our students participate in the schoolwide Geography Bee contest, the winner of which continues on to participate in the National Geography Bee contest.