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Homework is a fundamental part of the learning process at Chamlian. We believe it helps to develop and reinforce basic academic and study skills, as well as to promote student responsibility and self-discipline.

The following is important information regarding homework at Chamlian Armenian School:



Although there might be exceptions, the average number of minutes your child should spend on homework should be:


First Grade = 30
Second Grade = 35-45
Third Grade = 50-60
Fourth Grade = 70-80
Fifth Grade = 90
Sixth Grade = 90-120
Seventh Grade = 120-150
Eighth Grade = 120-150

*The minutes above do not include the independent reading students are assigned each night.



The purpose of homework at Chamlian is to extend learning beyond the school day. Teachers assign homework to meet a specific learning goal, such that homework becomes a focused learning experience. Homework assignments can include:

  • Memorization of basic rules, algorithms, or laws so the skill becomes rote.
  • Increase in skill speed, used for improving students' abilities to apply these skills in more complex problem solving.
  • Deepening understanding of a concept—providing students time to read further, elaborating on a new idea and expanding their understanding.
  • Preparation for the following day's learning, such as an advance organizer or cue to increase readiness for new information.

While each teacher has his/her specific guidelines, expectations and consequences, the general school expectations for homework are the following:



  • Help set up a consistent and organized place for homework to be done
  • Help your child establish either a consistent schedule for completing homework or help him/her create a schedule each Sunday night that reflects that particular week’s activities
  • Encourage, motivate, and prompt, but do not sit with your child and do the homework with him/her. Parents should facilitate homework completion, not teach the content. The purpose of homework is for your child to practice and use what he/she has learned. If your child is consistently not able to do the homework by himself/herself, please contact the teacher.
  • When bedtime comes, please stop your child, even if he/she is not done.



Primary Grades:

  • It should foster positive attitudes, habits, and character traits.
  • It should reinforce learning of simple skills introduced in class.

Upper Elementary Grades:

  • It should play a more direct role in fostering improved school achievement.

Middle School:

  • It should play an important role in improving test scores and grades.