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News and Announcements

Chamlian Welcomes Back Graduating 8th Grade Class of 2021 to In Person Instruction

We are incredibly excited to welcome back our graduating Class of 2021! Our students were welcomed back with Tiger hats from administration as well as a gift bag from Michael Ghazarian and his family. We look forward to finishing off the year strong and enjoying our 8th graders as their bright faces illuminate our campus once more! #8thGrade #GraduatingClass #ClassOf2021 #ChamlianArmenianSchool

Chamlian Shines at Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America Science Olympiad!

We congratulate all of our Armenian Engineers and Scientists of America Science Olympiad participants and winners! We also thank our Science Department Chair, Ms. Lida Gevorkian, for her continued dedication throughout this process. Chamlian Armenian School also won School of the Year for our continuous participation and high number of winning projects year after year. We are always proud of our young, innovative scientists! 💡📚🔬🔭🧬 #AESA #Science #ScienceOlympiad #ChamlianArmenianSchool

Cyber Security Parent Informational Webinar Hosted by the PSC

Some scenes from our informative Cyber Security Parent Webinar throughout which parents learned about internet safety, phone application updates, and overall cautionary guidelines for our children as they explore an increasingly technological world. We thank our dynamic PSC for organizing this event as well as Mr. Hagop Eulmessekian, Director of Student Services at GUSD, Officers Vlad Akopian and Michelle Gonzales of the Glendale Police Department, and Dr. Maria Cozette for moderating! #CyberSecurity #Webinar #PSC #ChamlianArmenianSchool

Chamlian Shines at Los Angeles County Annual Science Fair!

Chamlian Armenian School Shines at Los Angeles County Science Fair!

After months of planning, hard work, and experimentation, our young scientists presented their impressive experiments and projects to the Los Angeles County Science Fair, which was held entirely on a virtual platform. Our Chamlian students rose up to the challenge and efficiently organized their projects onto a digital platform and recorded themselves with detailed explanations and presentation to accurately convey the scientific process they underwent throughout the course of their experimentation. These dedicated students of Chamlian displayed their sheer commitment and success throughout the entire process. The award-winning projects, alongside the students who conducted them, represented Chamlian Armenian School within the annual Los Angeles County Science Fair and were acknowledged for their creativity, innovation, and excellence! The following is the list of students whose dedication to their science projects earned them a place among recognition by the Los Angeles County:

Nanar Shahinian: First Place; Behavioral Science/Non Human

Nareg Khashaki: Second Place; Engineering Application

Kaitlyn Baghdassarian: Second Place; Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Nicole Hacopians: Second Place; Engineering Research

Isabelle Koutnouyan: Second Place; Chemistry - Applied

Ella Ghazarian: Second Place; Materials Science

Daron Kasparian: Third Place; Chemistry - Applied

Lillian Shamamian: Third Place; Product Science

Kami Derbabian: Honorable Mention; Physics - General

Amaras Elyaspoor: Honorable Mention; Ecology

Alec Moradi: Honorable Mention; Chemistry - General

George Baghdassarian: Recognition; Microbiology

Sebastian Minassian: Recognition; Physics - Electricity & Magnetism

Special Awards:

Nanar Shahinian, winner of Junior Division Sweepstakes. Nanar’s project was designated as Best in Show.

Nareg Khashaki, winner of the Southern California Paleontological Society Award for
Academic Excellence.

Daron Kasparian, winner of the California Association of Professional Scientists. (CAPS) Outstanding Young Scientist Award.

Congratulations to our Tigers! 🐯💡📖📈📊🔎#ScienceFair #LosAngeles #LosAngelesCountyScienceFair #ChamlianArmenianSchool

7th & 8th Grade Return to In Person Instruction Informational Parent Meeting

Thank you for joining us at our 7th-8th grade return to school/DLP 2.0 informational meeting on March 25th. With the guidance of our Covid-19 Compliance Team as well as the guidelines set forth by the CDC and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, we look forward to welcoming back our 7th and 8th grade students in a manner that is beneficial and safe for all. #Health #Safety #ParentMeeting #ChamlianArmenianSchool #ChamlianPride

8th Grade Special Treat

Special treat for our 8th graders! After being back on campus for in person assessment, our 8th graders enjoyed special gifts and a chance to check in with administration and teachers. A special thank you to the Arutyunyan family for the special treats! We love our graduating class of 2021 more than words can describe 💙🐯 #Assessment Day #8thGrade #ClassOf2021 #ChamlianFamily

In Person Assessments

Our 7th and 8th l grade students had the opportunity to participate in our in person assessments! The in-person assessments will give teachers a different perspective on student progress and will aid them in continuing to support the needs of each individual student as we prepare to welcome them back in person and continue our DLP 2.0 program for those who so choose! Seeing their classmates at the same time and their bright young faces lit up our entire campus ❤️ All CDC guidelines were met and followed. #AssessmentDay #ClassActivities #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily

Remembering & Honoring Mr. Vazken Madenlian

Սիրտի դառն կսկիծով կը գուժենք Վահան եւ Անուշ Շամլեան Ազգային Վարժարանի վաստակաշատ տնօրէն՝ Պրն. Վազգէն Մատէնլեանին մահը, որ պատահեցաւ Շաբաթ, Մարտ 13ին:
Պրն. Մատէնլեանին աւելի քան քսան տարիներու տնօրէնութեան ընթացքին, մեր վարժարանը ծաղկեցաւ եւ յարատեւ վերելք արձանագրելով, հայեցի կրթութեան ամրոց մը եղաւ:
Պրն. Մատէնլեանին յիշատակը վառ պիտի մնայ Շամլեան մեծ ընտանիքին՝ տնօրէնութեան, ուսուցիչներուն, աշակերտներուն եւ ծնողներուն հոգիներուն մէջ:
Ցաւակցութիւն կը յայտնենք կնոջ՝ Սեդային, դուստրերուն՝ Մարալին, Լորիկին եւ ընտանեկան պարագաներուն:
Շամլեան Ազգային Վարժարանի Տնօրէնութիւն:

The Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School family expresses great sorrow and regret with the passing of Mr. Vazken Madenlian on March 13, 2021. Mr. Madenlian, serving as principal of Chamlian Armenian School from 1991-2014, was a pillar of selfless service, a committed patriot to the Armenian nation and cause, and a symbol of determination as he dedicated his life’s mission to education and guidance to the young Armenian generation. Mr Madenlian will always be greatly admired at Chamlian Armenian School for his leadership and will forever remain in our hearts. We offer our heartfelt condolences to his family and may he Rest In Peace.

Chamlian Celebrates "Read Across America!"

Whether it be in person or on Zoom, our students started off Read Across America celebrations with their funny hat day and sharing some of their favorite books! This special occasion is used to further highlight the joys of reading and brings to light just how important it is for students to discover new adventures and expand their minds with a good book. #ReadAcrossAmerica #Reading #Learning #Tigers #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily

Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd Grade Waiver Program Successfully Launched!

We are beyond excited to have our Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade Tigers back on campus for in person learning! Our COVID-19 compliant campus upholds all CDC and Los Angeles County Department of Public Health guidelines. This allowed us to have our youngest Tigers illuminate our campus with their smiles and laughs again! We look forward to continued success in a manner that is safe for everyone. #Kindergarten #FirstGrade #SecondGrade #Safe #Reopening #ChamlianArmenianSchool #ChamlianFamily