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7th Grade Retreat at AYF Camp!

Our 7th graders had an amazing time bonding and creating unforgettable memories during day 1 of their 7th Grade Retreat @ayfcamp! From educationals, to sports and games, arts and crafts, skits, reflections at Jackson Lake, and overall fun, our 7th graders are having a blast! We look forward to sharing more special bonding moments with our students! 🐯💙

Special thank you to our outstanding presenters: Corky O’Rurke from GUSD, Areni Hamparian, and Alex Manoukian.

Our sincere thanks to Dr. K, Ms. Seda, Coach Tomik, and Baron Deeown as well as our volunteer counselors: Talia Bezdjian, Alique Boyajian, and Lar Tabakian, Areni Hamparian, Alex Manoukian and Daron Mansourian. Stay tuned for Day 2 Memories

Student Council Elections Take Place!

Our Student Council Election Week is off to a great start! Students from grades 7th-8th participated in speeches today, detailing their campaign promises and ideas in preparation for elections tomorrow. Good luck to you all! Please check our story for our candidates’ election posters.

Chamlian Alumni Attending Stanford University Present to 8th Grade Students

As part of our 8th grade Preparing for High School elective, each week students are exposed to various speakers, both from our own staff as well as various high schools in order to help prepare students as they embark on their journey to high school. This week, we had the honor of hosting two of our exemplary Chamlian Alumni, Vaughn Nahapetian and Eric Markarian. Both Vaughn and Eric are driven, accomplished young men who will continue on their academic journey as freshmen students at the prestigious Stanford University. Vaughn and Eric dove into the exciting world of high school, AP/Honors classes, sports, extracurricular activities, clubs, activism, etc that awaits our students.

Parent Support Committee Hosts First Breakfast Meeting

Our dynamic Parent Support Committee moms kicked off the school year with their first breakfast and meeting! Chamlian Armenian School is blessed with an active group of participants within our PSC who dedicate their time and efforts into contributing to the positive school culture, vibrant events, and overall success of our School. We look forward to continued cooperation and partnership with our Parent Support Committee!

Special Assembly for Aghavno & Berdzor Held at Chamlian

Empowering our students on this day especially to ensure that the torch of the Armenian spirit is always lit and being carried by the next generation. A special thank you to Ungeroohi Sylva Khayalian, Co-Chair of the AYF Juniors Central Council, Unger Meero Panossian, Advisor of the AYF Juniors Central Council, and Lar Tabakian, member of AYF Pasadena Chapter for preparing and delivering a presentation for our students aimed at highlighting the importance of activism and service to our cause.

8th Grade Special Treat!

Our special 8th grade monthly treats began today on Grad-itude Tuesday! A special thank you to Christopher Shirikchian and his family for treating our graduating class with delicious crumbl cookies and refreshing boba! Our 8th graders also enjoyed receiving their special 8th grade sweaters, setting them apart as the eldest role models on our campus!

2022-2023 School Year Begins With a Celebration!

We are happy to announce the official start of the 2022-2023 School Year at Chamlian Armenian School! We wish our students continued success as they embark on another year in their academic journey as lifelong learners!

T.K.-1st Grade Students Welcomed Back at Chamlian!

Welcoming back our littlest Tigers to their second home! Our TK, Kindergarten, and First Grade students enjoyed a fun-filled two days getting acquainted with faculty, staff, administration, as well as our dynamic 21st century campus and creating memories, bonds, and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Anonymous Donor Generously Provides Support in Brand New & Updated Kitchen Facility

Putting the finishing touches on our brand new kitchen! Through the generosity and passion of our beloved anonymous donor, our Tigers will benefit from a completely brand new, state of the art, modernized kitchen equipped with new and improved appliances to meet all their nutritional needs. We thank our donor greatly for their pure commitment and selflessness throughout this project. 💙🐯

Chamlian Hosts Successful Back to School Night for our 2nd-8th Grade Families!

A successful Back to School Night for our 2nd-8th Grades! We look forward to welcoming back all of our amazing Tigers at Chamlian once more.

Շամլեան ազգային վարժարանը յաջողութեամբ անցկացրեց Վերամուտի երեկոյ մեր 2րդ-8րդ դասրանների ծնողների հետ: 💙🐯

Դպրոցի ուսուցչական կազմը եւ տնօրինութիւնը հաճելի երեկոյ ունեցան՝ հանդիպելով Շամլեան ընտանիքի նոր եւ հին անդամների հետ: 💙🐯
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