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Registration For The 2020-2021 School Year Has Been Extended To Friday, April 10, 2020!

News and Announcements

Chamlian Armenian School Shines During WASC Re-Accreditation Process!

As evident from the Chamlian School Wide Strengths (2nd photo) “Amazing” is exactly what the WASC Visiting Committee concluded about Chamlian after their four-day visit to our dynamic school. Their departing words about Chamlian during their presentation of findings were amazing academics, amazing technology and STEAM programs, amazing students, amazing community of parents, amazing faculty, amazing school leadership, and amazing facility.
Their comments ranged from emphasizing how the academic programs at Chamlian are characterized by high achievement, high academic standards, and strong schoolwide learner outcomes to expressing how great it was that our campus is beautiful, very well maintained, and constantly being systematically and creatively renovated to support 21st century learning for students. They also noticed how, as we transition into a new generation of Armenian Americans, Armenian culture, language, heritage, and passion play an integral role in the school. One of our favorite compliments, however, was that they constantly repeated how the faculty is a high quality group of teachers who work very hard, care very deeply about their students, and collaborate effectively to support learning.
Overall, to say that our WASC visitation exceeded expectations would be an understatement. We are grateful to our unmatched faculty and staff, our active and dedicated parents, and our beloved students for making this such a positive experience! #WASC #Amazing #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily
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Third Grade Authors Enjoy Their Book Release Party!

Our third grade authors celebrating the release of their very own book! Each third grade class wrote and published an “All About Us” book and were given the red carpet welcome to their book release party! Students shared their class book with one another and had a blast in the Anita Torosian Literacy & Resource Center ✍🏼📖📚❣️ #ThirdGrade #Authors #BookReleaseParty #ChamlianReads #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily #AnitaTorosianLiteracyAndResourceCenter
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Kindergarten Engages In Workers Week!

Workers Week in action! As the Kindergartners learned about workers in the community, they had the chance to explore many careers through guest speakers, including our very own Chamlian parents. Our little Tigers are well on their way to success today and in the future! For more photos, please visit our Facebook page! #WorkersWeek #Kindergarten #Parents #ChamlianFamily #ChamlianPride
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Chamlian Celebrates Read Across America Day!

Chamlian is celebrating Read Across America Day! This special occasion is used to further highlight the joys of reading and brings to light just how important it is for students to discover new adventures and expand their minds with a good book. Thank you to all of our alumni volunteers who dedicated their time this morning to come and read to our Chamlian Tigers! For more photos, please visit our Facebook page as well as our Instagram story! #ReadAcrossAmerica #Reading #Learning #Alumni #Tigers #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily
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7th and 8th Grade Armenian Classes Make "Nshkhark" Bread To Be Used During Holy Communion!

Նախաձեռնութեամբ արժանապատիւ քահանայ Տէր Կոմիտաս Թօրոսեանի, վարժարանիս 7 եւ 8-րդ դասարանի աշակերտները,կրօնի պահին առիթ ունեցան ականատես լինել եւ նոյնիսկ անձամբ ձեռնամուխ լինել սրբ. նշխարքի պատրաստման եղանակին:
Աշակերտների հետաքրքրութիւն եւ հիացմունքը յոյժ նշմարելի էր:
#ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily
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Butterfly Kisses Ball A Huge Hit!

Our magical Butterfly Kisses Ball! A night filled with fun, dancing, and precious memories. Thank you to our committee and all those who planned such a beautiful evening for our lady Tigers and their male role models! #ButterflyKissesBall #ChamlianFamily #ChamlianPride
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4th Grade Visits Valley Trails Ranch!

The 4th grade class had a memorable day on Friday! They had the opportunity to visit Valley Trails Ranch where they participated in many hands-on activities that showed them what life was like in early California. Just like the settlers in the Gold Rush era, students panned for golf, churned butter, made candles, and adobe bricks. #VTRanch #FieldTrip #4thGrade #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily
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NASA Visits Chamlian!

Today our 1st and 3rd grade students had a special visit from Nazareth Ashkharian. He works at NASA and was able to provide our first and third graders a special look to space. Our students were fascinated with the interactive presentation. They mostly enjoyed learning about future space missions that will happen in their lifetime. #NASA #Space #Exploration #1stGrade #3rdGrade #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily
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