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Chamlian Armenian School Pioneers Virtual Summer Programs For Students!

Chamlian Armenian School officially launched the Chamlian Virtual Summer Programs in order to ensure students remain mentally and physically active throughout the summer!

As summer approaches, many of you have expressed interest in programs that will allow for our students to remain active, both physically and mentally, via a virtual platform. While summer is a time for students to take a break from the rigor of their daily classes and structured schedule and have a chance to relax, we also want to provide them the opportunity to explore, learn, create and remain engaged! These classes also allow parents to set a structure and schedule for the day.

Chamlian provides many options which are both fun and enriching for our students. The Chamlian Virtual Summer Programs reinforce our passion of encouraging our students to take their learning skills from the classroom and apply them to sports, design thinking, technology, writing, and much more - all from the comfort and safety of your home! We have set up various programs for our Chamlian students to choose from. All Chamlian Virtual Summer Programs will be conducted on the Zoom platform.

For more information, please click the 'students' tab on our homepage and choose the link 'Chamlian Virtual Summer Programs'.
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Kindergarten Embarks On A Virtual Field Trip To The San Diego Zoo!

Our Chamlian Kindergarten Program constantly takes learning beyond the classroom! Nothing can stop our young explorers from exciting new adventures throughout which they learn about the world around them. This week our kindergartners went on a virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo. Seeing various different animals in their virtual platforms, they will use this experience as research to write a Research Report during their Writing Workshop class. They’re favorite animal, you ask? None other than a TIGER of course! #SanDiegoZoo #VirtualTour #VirtualFieldTrip #Kindergarten #ResearchPaper #ChamlianFamily #ChamlianPride
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Chamlian Family Meets Author Mr. David Kherdian & Illustrator Mrs. Nonny Hogrogian Virtually!

Chamlian students, parents, and teachers had the unique opportunity to meet with the celebrated and accomplished Armenian-American couple, David Kherdian and Nonny Hogrogian. Mr. Kherdian, a Newbery Award winner for The Road from Home, has written poetry, novels, biographies, and retellings including the epic David of Sassoun.
Ms. Hogrogian is a two-time Caldecott Award winner for her work in illustration including One Fine Day, a popular picture book. In her book The Contest, she depicts the rich heritage of the Armenians through her colorful illustrations.
We enjoyed a reading of their story, By Myself, and a poem about Mr. Kherdian’s childhood. Our Chamlian students took advantage of this rare occasion to ask thoughtful questions and the artists responded to each in a heartfelt way describing the process of creating their work.
We are certain that this visit from two treasures of the literary world will remain our students forever. Thank you Mr. David Kherdian and Mrs Nonny Hogrogian! #Author #Illustrator #ArmenianAmericans #ChamlianReads #AnitaTorosianLiteracyAndResourceCenter
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Virtual Science Award Ceremony!

Celebrating our Chamlian scientists during our Virtual Science Award Ceremony! Our accomplished students were applauded and congratulated by Principal Dr. Kargodorian, Science Department Chair and Science Fair Coordinator Ms. Lida Gevorkian, and Science Teacher Ms. Arda Kassabian. We want to congratulate all of you on your outstanding achievement, hard work, and dedication during this year's science fair. #ScienceAwardCeremony #Science #ScienceFair #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily
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Virtual Math Award Ceremony!

Our 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade MathCon winners alongside our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Math League award recipients received their congratulatory recognition via zoom today. They were applauded and congratulated for their outstanding performance in math by Principal Dr. Kargodorian, Math Department Chair Ms. Louisa Golshan, and Math Teacher Mr. Garen Santikian. We applaud the accomplishments of all our Chamlian students and wish them continued success! #MathCon #MathLeague #VirtualAwardCeremony #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily
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Chamlian Alumni Family Pride Mural!

Aleen Soghomonian, a proud Chamlian alumna of the Class of 2016, decided to conduct her senior project through dedication to her second home, Chamlian. This is her message: “I am Aleen Soghomonian, a senior at Clark Magnet High School and a Chamlian alumna of the class of 2016. When it was time for me to choose my senior project, I wanted to give back to my second home, Chamlian. I painted a mural; one side of the wall showing the journey of a student and the other side showing how proud I am to be a member of the Chamlian Alumni Family!” Dr. Kargodorian expresses her gratitude in return: “We are very grateful to our active Alumni Family for continually dedicating their time and effort to ensure the continued excellence of Chamlian Armenian School. Our Alumni Family is among the most active and involved within our community and are always ready to come back to Chamlian and be part of its bright future!” 💙🐯#ChamlianArmenianSchool #ChamlianFamily #ChamlianPride #ChamlianAlumni #ClassOf2016
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Chamlian Hosts First Driveway Parade For Students & Teachers!

Going above and beyond, Chamlian Armenian School hosted its first Driveway Parade in order to emphasize the readiness and willingness of its teachers to go the extra mile for their students. This unique experience provided an opportunity for Chamlian students to physically visit Chamlian, while maintaining physical distancing by remaining in their vehicles.

Students and teachers had the opportunity to connect on a personal level with waves, encouraging words, banners, and smiles! The Kindergarten and First Grade Departments of Chamlian Armenian School, comprised of Anoush Garabedian, Carolina Chavez, Hooshik Garabedian, Aline Yaghjian, Anna Arakelian, Nairy Garabetian, Nora Krajian, Zorineh Mardirosian, Arpi Dabbaghian, Aida Aghaian, and Anet Aboolian, along with Chamlian Principal Dr. Talin Kargodorian and administrative staff Seda Batmanian, Nazeli Chahinian, Ana Sirabionian, Maral Keosseian, and Deeown Shaverdian, greeted students in the driveway to remind their Chamlian Tigers that they love them and miss them beyond words.
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Chamlian Family Collage

Calling all Chamlian Families! Some of our beloved students had the amazing idea of creating a Chamlian Appreciation Collage located at the front of our school! We invite all students to create a poster/banner with a message for our school and/or faculty & staff! Please feel free to post up your poster yourself using tape or drop it off at the Main Office and we will post it up for you. With Teacher Appreciation Week coming up next week, what better way to make sure your faculty, staff, and administration are appreciated! #ChamlianAppreciationCollage #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily
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