Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

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Ms. Shantal Der Boghosian visits Chamlian

Our 8th graders had the honor of hearing Ms. Shantal Der Boghosian, an environmental engineer as well as a business owner/entrepreneur, share her story of achievement. Hearing her inspiring journey in her career as well as fulfilling her dreams truly cemented the ambition and urge to succeed that our Tigers are accustomed to.
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Third Graders Celebrate Book Release Party!

Our third grade authors celebrating the release of their very own book! Each third grade class wrote and published an “All About Us” book and were given the red carpet welcome to their book release party! Students shared their class book with one another and had a blast in the Anita Torosian Literacy & Resource Center ✍🏼📖📚❣️
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Chamlian Enjoys Read Across America Day!

We celebrated Read Across America Day today! Aside from the adorable literature themed attire, our students had the honor of reading with Chamlian alumni who graciously took the time to volunteer and share the beauty of reading with our Tigers!
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Chamlian Celebrates St. Vartanants!

Honoring the memory of St. Vartan, our patriotic 4th graders did an amazing job during their Vartanants program. With their beautiful deliverance of the story, through song and poetry, they presented the many reasons we are proud Armenians! 🇦🇲💙
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Chamlian Celebrates Paregentan!

Our adorable 2nd Grade Tigers performing their hearts out in honor of Paregentan! They had a blast dressing up and displaying their musical talent alongside their beautiful recitations. Keeping Armenian traditions going is a vital part of cultural preservation - at Chamlian, we’re proud in playing our part!
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Author Mr. David Guild visits Chamlian!

We had the honor of hosting Mr. David Guild, author of the The Story of Dikran! His book is about the amazing transformation of Dikran, an Armenian Gampr who overcame challenges and accomplished much! Our 7th and 8th graders enjoyed a very inspirational message from Mr. Guild on the importance of overcoming obstacles, trying new things, and helping others along the way. They also got to meet Dikran in person and enjoy all his amazing talents!
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