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World Autism Awareness Day!

In honor of World Autism Awareness Day, we had the pleasure of hosting a live presentation by Mrs. Nora Chitilian, LMFT. Mrs Chitilian is also a current board member of the Armenian Autism Outreach Project. In line with our Distance Learning Program, we arranged and transitioned for this presentation to take place virtually in order to ensure such an important topic was still made available to our Chamlian families! Thank you @armenianautism @norasguidance ! 💙🐯 #WorldAutismAwarenessDay #ArmenianAutismOutreachProgram #ChamlianFamily #ChamlianPride
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Chamlian Students Shine At L.A. County Science Fair!

Chamlian Armenian School is proud to report their huge success at the 2020 Los Angeles County Science Fair!
The following is the list of students whose dedication to their science projects earned them a place of recognition by the Los Angeles County:
Ella Baghdassarian: First Place; Physics - Electricity & Magnetism
Lori Khemichian: First Place; Materials Science
Kaitlyn Baghdassarian: Second Place; Pharmacology
Nicole Hacopians: Honorable Mention; Chemistry - Applied
Celine Gharapetian: Honorable Mention; Product Science
Rafael Enfiadjian: Honorable Mention; Chemistry - Applied
Raffi Boghossian: Recognition; Environmental Management
David Khatchatourian & Daren Stepanians: Recognition; Ecology
Arek Boynerian: Recognition; Product Science
Nanar Shahinian: Recognition; Animal Biology
Daron Kasparian: Recognition; Environmental Management
Nicole Timour: Recognition; Behavior/Social Sciences - Human
Nyree Aghayan: Recognition; Materials Science

Dr. Kargodorian, principal of Chamlian Armenian School, said “My deepest congratulations to our young scientists for their display of innovation, creativity, and academic excellence throughout the course of their years at Chamlian. You have earned this great honor; may this serve as only a stepping stone for inevitable continued success throughout your academic lives. The Science Fair is only one of many invaluable experiences we provide for our students, both inside and outside the classroom. It is one of the many outlets where creativity and cross curricular learning take flight and important skills such as problem solving and critical thinking are encouraged. I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Lida Gevorkian, our Science Fair Coordinator and Science Department Chair for her continued leadership and guidance of students throughout this entire process.” Chamlian Armenian School continues to inspire the minds of future innovators and global leaders as they venture into the ever changing and expanding 21st century, equipped with the knowledge and hands on experience necessary to continue in their road to success.”
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Chamlian Armenian School Shines During WASC Re-Accreditation Process!

As evident from the Chamlian School Wide Strengths (2nd photo) “Amazing” is exactly what the WASC Visiting Committee concluded about Chamlian after their four-day visit to our dynamic school. Their departing words about Chamlian during their presentation of findings were amazing academics, amazing technology and STEAM programs, amazing students, amazing community of parents, amazing faculty, amazing school leadership, and amazing facility.
Their comments ranged from emphasizing how the academic programs at Chamlian are characterized by high achievement, high academic standards, and strong schoolwide learner outcomes to expressing how great it was that our campus is beautiful, very well maintained, and constantly being systematically and creatively renovated to support 21st century learning for students. They also noticed how, as we transition into a new generation of Armenian Americans, Armenian culture, language, heritage, and passion play an integral role in the school. One of our favorite compliments, however, was that they constantly repeated how the faculty is a high quality group of teachers who work very hard, care very deeply about their students, and collaborate effectively to support learning.
Overall, to say that our WASC visitation exceeded expectations would be an understatement. We are grateful to our unmatched faculty and staff, our active and dedicated parents, and our beloved students for making this such a positive experience! #WASC #Amazing #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily
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Third Grade Authors Enjoy Their Book Release Party!

Our third grade authors celebrating the release of their very own book! Each third grade class wrote and published an “All About Us” book and were given the red carpet welcome to their book release party! Students shared their class book with one another and had a blast in the Anita Torosian Literacy & Resource Center ✍🏼📖📚❣️ #ThirdGrade #Authors #BookReleaseParty #ChamlianReads #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily #AnitaTorosianLiteracyAndResourceCenter
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Kindergarten Engages In Workers Week!

Workers Week in action! As the Kindergartners learned about workers in the community, they had the chance to explore many careers through guest speakers, including our very own Chamlian parents. Our little Tigers are well on their way to success today and in the future! For more photos, please visit our Facebook page! #WorkersWeek #Kindergarten #Parents #ChamlianFamily #ChamlianPride
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Chamlian Celebrates Read Across America Day!

Chamlian is celebrating Read Across America Day! This special occasion is used to further highlight the joys of reading and brings to light just how important it is for students to discover new adventures and expand their minds with a good book. Thank you to all of our alumni volunteers who dedicated their time this morning to come and read to our Chamlian Tigers! For more photos, please visit our Facebook page as well as our Instagram story! #ReadAcrossAmerica #Reading #Learning #Alumni #Tigers #ChamlianPride #ChamlianFamily
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