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Chamlian 2020 Strategic Plan

Chamlian 2020 Strategic Plan

A Focus for Our Future ~ Guiding us to the New Decade


Our Core Values

The core values of an organization are those values we hold which form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves.

Core Values guiding us in this plan:

Innovation, Heritage, Academic Excellence,  Integrity

Our Purpose

Chamlian Armenian School promotes academic excellence, preserves the Armenian heritage and develops students of high integrity in an innovative, safe learning environment.


Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives are a select number of areas in which the organization wishes to focus over the next several years:

Strategic Initiative #1 Teaching and Learning

Future Aspiration:

Future Aspiration: Each student reaches his/her maximum potential through high quality and differentiated teaching with an ongoing, innovative, rigorous curriculum.

Goal #1: Teachers will create a positive learning environment in which students are treated with respect, valued, inspired, and educated as measured by a student survey administered in January 2018.

Goal #2: Revisit and reinforce school-wide, teacher-related, policies including related expectations to assure consistent, school-wide implementation.

Goal #3:  All teachers will integrate technology into the curriculum as a tool to transform instruction through relevance, application, and cross curricular projects.

Goal #4: In addition to their regular weekly planning meetings, teachers will also hold weekly collaboration meetings.

Goal #5:  All Teachers will continue to strengthen and implement differentiated instructional strategies through relevant professional development.

Strategic Initiative #2 Culture and Language

Future Aspiration:

We have a school-wide Armenian program that uses innovative tools to help students become equally strong Armenian - American citizens who live their culture, speak their language, pass on their heritage and contribute to their community.

Goal #1: Implement innovative ways to help students improve their oral/conversational Armenian communication.

Goal#2: To establish a new approach to teaching meaningful and relevant Armenian vocabulary.

Goal # 3: To ensure that the greater part of students’ work is completed in the classroom, with minimal work to be completed at home.

Strategic Initiative #3 Technology and Infrastructure

Future Aspiration:

A technologically driven environment that supports information sharing, operational efficiencies, community outreach, and fosters transformative teaching and learning practices.

Goal #1:  A comprehensive technology master plan will be finalized.

Goal # 2 Complete the implementation of the Technology Master Plan.

Goal # 3 Broaden the technology curriculum to better prepare students as 21st Century learners.

Goal # 4 Continue to build on technology training offered to teachers to further enhance instruction and work towards utilizing technology as a tool to transform teaching and learning.

Strategic Initiative # 4: Facilities and Resources

Future Aspiration:

Our campus is internally and externally upgraded, modernized, adheres to the highest security/safety standards, and creates a campus with recreational, academic, and physical amenities that are visually harmonious while reflective of our culture. Chamlian has plans in place to ensure the school’s financial long term future.

Goal #1: By February 2018, finalize the campus masterplan with both short and long-term facility modernization and campus wide improvement projects.

Goal #2: Develop a Financial Plan which taps into local and global resources to ensure fiscal growth and financial

security of the school for the next half century by May 31, 2018.

Strategic Initiative #5 Parents and Community


Future Aspiration:

Maintain a competitive edge by connecting with alumni and continuing to involve parents and engage the community. This will strengthen public relations and maintain a positive image of the school.  

Goal #1 Increase visibility as well as public relations efforts to promote school’s positive image

Goal #2 Parent involvement will be increased by 5 % over the current baseline.

Goal #3: The Alumni Outreach Program will have a positive response from 50 % of those contacted.