Chamlian Pride Program

The Chamlian Pride Program is a school wide program where students receive “Pride Tickets,” when they are seen displaying positive character traits.

The Chamlian Pride Program is based on some of our school’s Core Values and Expected School-wide Learning Results; embracing the Armenian heritage,  displaying integrity, thriving as productive citizens, and becoming responsible life-long learners. The Chamlian Pride Program’s goal is to build the students’ self-esteem, sense of empathy, kindness, respect, integrity, and responsibility. 

To acknowledge our students for exhibiting their positive character traits, once a month, six Pride Tickets are randomly chosen as the winners of the month. These students will get to wear their Chamlian Spirit Day T-Shirts and have lunch with the Counselor and Principal at In-N-Out on Foothill Blvd. Their  pictures will also be displayed on the bulletin board in front of the main office.

In addition, the class with the most number of Pride tickets for the month is awarded an extra recess as a reward.