Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School

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Character Education

The Counseling Department strives to keep the parents, students, and the teachers with up to date news and information regarding the Chamlian Pride Program at Chamlian Armenian School, which serves as an important tool within the greater character education we strive to uphold as we prepare 21st century leaders and global citizens.


The Chamlian Pride Program is based on building the students’ self-esteem, sense of empathy, kindness, respect, responsibility, and awareness about world issues. Lessons related to the importance of being kind, understanding, and having a positive attitude are a large part of what the Counseling Department imparts on the students during class visits.


The Chamlian Pride incentive program from the Counseling department encourages students to show kindness, respect, responsibility, respect for our heritage, and overall support towards one another. To acknowledge our students for exhibiting their positive character traits, the winning students of the monthly Chamlian Pride Ticket count will wear their spirit day t-shirts and have lunch with Dr. Kargodorian at In-N-Out on Foothill Blvd. We at Chamlian strive to provide a strong Character Education Program to our students, to compliment the excellent academics offered.


Thank you for your continuous support and encouragement!