I would like to welcome you to the new academic year! I am looking forward to working with you and your child to ensure a successful and positive transition to elementary school. Chamlian Armenian School's Counseling office offers a variety of services to meet the social and personal needs of our students. 

Counseling services include:

  •  Individual sessions to help students adjust to school
  • Individual sessions to address social and personal concerns
  • Classroom lessons to help students learn to collaborate and cooperate
  • Classroom lessons to learn how to handle social and personal issues effectively
  • Classroom lessons on age-appropriate social skills
  • Classroom lessons on growth-mindset
  • Conferences with parents regarding their student's progress in school
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Chamlian Pride Program, through which we instill and maintain strong moral values such as kindness, responsibility, respect, etc.

At Chamlian, the Counseling department's goal is to have the school community practice mindfulness and empathy at all times. We encourage the school staff, faculty and student body to always be mindful of their thoughts, feelings, and actions, and to be emphatic to those around them. The Character Education program emphasizes the importance of individual uniqueness and always displaying positive character traits.

I look forward to working with the students and if I can be of any help to you or your child, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Thank you,

Ms. Maral Keosseian

School Counselor