Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School


Children form life-long friendships at Chamlian. From their first steps as new students to their farewells as graduates, our students become part of the Chamlian family - a family of traditions and values with a nurturing, safe, and healthy environment that shapes their early years.


To help our students grow into discipline-minded adults, the school promotes a strong code of conduct while encouraging fair and respectful behavior from everyone.


Student safety is a high priority for the school administration. The school campus is equipped with locked gates and security monitoring cameras. There is a security guard on site at all times during the school hours.


The school is equipped with earthquake kits that will be able to fully sustain students and faculty for three days in the event of a significant emergency situation. An automated voice notification system is in place to enable immediate communication with parents. As part of the emergency preparedness plan, emergency drills are conducted regularly under the guidance of the Glendale Fire Department.


Each year, Junior High students participate in an open election and are elected by their peers for student government roles based on their leadership abilities and good behavior. Chamlian has an active Student Council whose members meet regularly to plan various student activities and to implement positive changes within the school setting. The junior high Booster Club encourages the ideas of charity, volunteer work, and helping our school and community through various activities.


Chamlian offers daily hot lunches prepared on site. The nutrition committee develops and oversees the menu and ensures that students receive healthy and well-balanced meals.


In addition to a variety of after-school programs, extended care is offered until 5:00 pm to accommodate working parents.