TSC Committee

Technology Steering Committee (TSC)



Technology is, and will continue to be, a driving force in the workplace, communities, and personal lives in the 21st century. To prepare students for the challenges ahead, it is imperative to integrate information and communication technologies into education.

  1. Students must be able to access, analyze, apply, create, and communicate information electronically.
  2. Students must be able to efficiently and effectively use emerging digital technologies to become empowered learners (i.e. Internet, laptops, iPads, blogs, video editing, communication, etc.)
  3. Teachers must integrate the use of technology throughout the curriculum for greater access to information and for a more dynamic and innovative approach to teaching (i.e. SMART Board, document camera, online textbook, virtual field trip, etc.)
  4. Technology must be used as a tool to enhance learning; it should not be the goal but a means to a goal.


The purpose of the Technology Steering Committee, consisting of members representing the administration, the faculty, the IT Dept., and parents in the profession, is to facilitate and support the planning and implementation of the school’s technology initiatives for education. Through periodic meetings, the TSC will oversee the development and implementation of a Master Plan which will specify the integration of technology into the curriculum and provide direction for the use of technology in learning and teaching at Chamlian Armenian School.



  1. Initiate, specify, approve and manage major projects that incorporate technology into education. These projects will be designed and implemented by the IT department, based on the TSC’s specifications.
  2. Procure funding, budget for and prioritize the above projects.
  3. Define educational standards and procedures as they pertain to the use of technology.
  4. Coordinate and prioritize activities between the IT department, the faculty and staff with respect to the TSC’s projects.
  5. Approve the vendors used for the above projects, based on the IT department’s recommendations and list of vetted vendors.
  6. Review the adequacy and proper allocation of IT resources for education in terms of funding, personnel, and equipment.
  7. Monitor and evaluate progress made in reaching the goals of the Master Plan. *Budget allocated for TSC projects are subject to approval by the board.


  1. Serve as a liaison between the committee and faculty and maintain effective communication with all faculty and staff.
  2. Plan for ongoing technology training for teachers
  3. Monitor the school’s Computer Lab curriculum.
  4. Provide ongoing support and teacher mentoring for technology integration.