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Anita Torosian Literacy & Resource Center

The Anita Torosian Literacy and Resource Center is a sophisticated learning hub primed to cater to the educational needs of our students. Equipped with both print and electronic resources, it embodies both traditional and modern learning tools. The center's state-of-the-art design ensures uninterrupted access to a wealth of knowledge for students in their quest for academic excellence. 
Through a carefully curated selection of books and other reading materials, we aim to kindle a love for reading that extends beyond the classroom. By cultivating this passion, we believe we can fuel curiosity and inspire our students to delve deeper into diverse fields spanning literature, science, history, art, and more.
Equally important is the role the center plays in encouraging collaborative learning. The space is designed to host group projects, fostering a sense of teamwork, mutual respect, and shared learning among students. 
The Anita Torosian Literacy and Resource Center is not just a library. It is a foundation for lifelong learning, a springboard for intellectual pursuits, and a hub of collaboration and innovation. It is the heartbeat of our school's academic pursuit, nurturing the young minds that will shape tomorrow's world.

Become one of our Chamlian's Notable Books in our Anita Torosian Literacy & Resource Center Donor wall.


Sponsorship levels for the project are listed below:

Small Notable Book - $1,000 

Medium Notable Book - $2,500 

Large Notable Book - $5,000 

Extra Large Notable Book - $10,000 


To become a Sponsor using check or cash, please submit the Sponsorship form below with payment to our school office.