Chamlian Armenian School carries on the beloved tradition of publishing an annual yearbook, which is unveiled each June. This treasured keepsake encapsulates the experiences of the academic year, chronicling not only the educational milestones, but also the vibrant array of extracurricular activities that define Chamlian life. With an amalgamation of thoughtful articles, candid snapshots, and memorable highlights, our yearbook paints a comprehensive picture of the Chamlian journey and spirit.
We're incredibly thankful for the support of our donors who contribute toward the cost of producing this yearbook, ensuring its continuity and the preservation of these cherished memories. For those parents or benefactors wishing to contribute towards the production of the yearbook, we are happy to acknowledge donations of $350 or more. In recognition of your invaluable support, donor names are prominently displayed on the dedicated Donor's page within the yearbook, serving as a tangible remembrance of your generosity.
Beyond this acknowledgment, donors will also receive a complimentary copy of the yearbook. This token of our appreciation allows you to personally revisit the events, achievements, and shared experiences of the Chamlian family throughout the year.
If you'd like to become a Yearbook Sponsor, kindly complete the Sponsorship form provided below and submit it along with your preferred form of payment (check or cash) to our school office. Please note, however, that yearbook donations do not contribute towards the Parent Involvement Program (PIP) hours.
Your participation in the preservation of these precious memories not only contributes substantially to the yearbook's production but also serves as testament of your dedication to our school community. Together, through these pages, we commemorate the remarkable progress, the shared experiences, the victories, and the camaraderie that define another year at Chamlian Armenian School.
To become a Sponsor using check or cash, please submit the Sponsorship form below with payment to our school office.