Vahan & Anoush Chamlian Armenian School


Chamlian Armenian School traditionally prints the Yearbook in June of each year. The yearbook, through pictures and articles, presents an overview of the academic and extra-curricular activities for the academic year.


We appreciate those of you who wish to make a donation in the amount of $100, $200 or more to help defray the cost of the Yearbook. Your name will be printed on the donor's page of the book, and you will receive a complimentary copy in appreciation of your generosity. Please fill out the Yearbook Donation Form (which will be provided below) and hand it in to the office. Please be reminded that yearbook donations do not apply toward PIP hours.


As always, we truly appreciate your generosity and heartfelt support of Chamlian's efforts in educating the Armenian youth.


A donation form will be made available here sometime during the 2019-2020 school year.