Got Tile?

Become a part of our gym's legacy by designing and painting a tile! By purchasing a tile worth $400 each, you can not only leave your mark in our gymnasium but also contribute toward its ongoing upkeep. 
For families who bless Chamlian with three or more students, we've capped tile contributions at $800 per family to ensure that all larger families can participate without imposing an excessive financial burden.
Chamlian enthusiastically hosts a series of year-round Got Tile? events where tiles can be purchased and designed. The next scheduled occasion is on Cultural Day, happening in November. Rest assured, we're planning additional dates, and those will be announced soon. Hurry though, available tiles are limited!
If you're eager to join in:
1. Download the Got Tile? Template and start creating your tile design at your own pace. If you prefer, you can also design directly on the tile at the event.

2. Fill out the Got Tile? Form and hand it over to our school office prior to the event. Alternatively, you can bring the filled form and your payment directly to the event.
Engage in this creative activity and eternalize your Chamlian journey and memories within our gymnasium walls.
Complete the Got Tile? Form and submit it to the school office, or bring the form along with payment with you on the day of the event.