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School Yard - Wall of Champions

In 2021 we embarked on a new project to update our main schoolyard. We upgraded the entire yard making it a new inspirational, engaging and exciting space for our students to spend their breaks.

Focusing on excellence at Chamlian transcends the classroom and traditional academics. Providing our students with an inspirational environment, a space to feel comfortable and content in, while evoking feelings of home is the cornerstone of our school’s ideology. Recess, lunch, and dismissal are important and unforgettable aspects of every young person’s schooling. It is during this time that lifelong friendships are made, social skills are developed, and character is built. Outside is where our students get their daily exercise, and play games building their stamina as well as their ability to compete, but also be a part of the team.
A study done in 2010, and published in the Journal of Public health stated that “Renovated schoolyards increase the number of children who are physically active, as well as their overall activity levels, and reduce sedentary behaviors.” A Dutch study in 2016 and a Swedish study in 2014 additionally concluded that schoolyard layouts including more functional features such as multi-courts, alternative ball-courts, four-square markings, and nature inspired elements encourage physical activity for both genders, moderate the sharp decline in physical activity which occurs with age, and promoting health during school time.
Ensuring that our students have a beautiful, stimulating, and functional space to spend their breaks in is an integral part of their Chamlian experience, but most importantly it is an integral aspect of their health and well-being.
Knowing this, we designed and built a magnificent school yard that truly brought our vision to life! The project design for the yard was completed by a firm which solely focuses on large school outdoor spaces. Their approach was highly methodical, research based, and full of beautiful organic elements.
Our new yard debuted in August 2021 and includes a brand new soccer field with seating area for spectators, two brand new full-court basketball courts, a renovated tennis court, a volleyball court, and a track and field 50 yard dash with timing components. Hopscotch, four corners, and hand ball are also incorporated. In addition, for those who want to relax, terraced shaded seating areas, outdoor dining spaces reminiscent of a bright cafe, and hangout spaces to relax, or just catch up with friends.
This yard caters to the needs of our 700 students and is used all day long. We have four recesses and lunches. PE classes also utilize the space where there are no breaks. The wear and tear will be ongoing and it is up to us to keep up the space to reflect the initial plans and continue to be a space where students feel proud, inspired and engaged.
We kindly ask that you contribute towards this very worthy project through the various avenues listed below. Your donation will continue to support ongoing needs of a yard that is continuously used on a daily basis, year round!
Naming Rights Opportunities:
  • Soccer Field - $150,000
  • Terraced Shaded Seating - $100,000
  • 8th Grade Corner - $100,000
  • Basketball Court - $50,000 each (1 available)
Wall of Champions - Sports Ball Art Wall:
  • Basketball - $5,000
  • Soccer Ball - $2,500
  • Volleyball - $1,000
  • Tennis Ball - $500
With the realization of this vision and the addition of these spaces, a plethora of goals are met. Passive and athletic spaces exist alongside each other to allow for each unique student to find their passion, explore their interests, and relax in a setting they can take pride in. This is in line with one of the many visions of our school: to educate and nurture the whole child and guide them as they build relationships and character all the while receiving a high tier education.
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