Mission Statement & Philosophy

 Welcome to Chamlian Tiger Athletics

Mission Statement:

Chamlian Tigers Athletics Department is committed to providing a positive, challenging, competitive and fair athletic experience that emphasizes the Tigers Spirit. We strive to make athletic participation an environment that promotes skill development, fosters teamwork and teaches important life skills necessary to becoming a valued member of the community.


The Chamlian Tigers Athletic Department embraces sports as an integral part of its educational  mission. We provide an environment for student-athletes to achieve academic and athletic excellence.

The program:

  • begins in the classroom. All students from grades TK-8 participate in physical education classes that emphasize team sports, health and physical fitness.
  • is all inclusive. Every student has the opportunity to participate in one or more athletic activities:
  • includes an after school sports program where students have the opportunity to participate in competitive interscholastic teams that strive for achievement and excellence with an emphasis on player development.
  • emphasizes the importance of keeping priorities in order: Family, Academics & Athletics